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Biology 12 Oct 19th

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 19th



Last lessons Objective




Cell Protein production and the role of the Nucleus

Today’s Objectives  

1.   What are the functions of each organelle?

2.   Which organelle is the most important organelle?

3.   How is metabolism and synthesis linked to the cell cycle?


Table of structures and function

Number One


Question: What are facts about you sample organelle?

8 groups select one organelle and put onto white board.



Number Two


Debate between organelles as to select the most important cell organelle.

Do all cells have a nucleus?



Number Three

Review the Cell Cycle and see how organelles are linked both to cell division and cell metabolism.


Is the nucleus a regulator or controller of the cell?


Next Class Exam


Make key for next class

Text book Reference


PDF’s of white board exercise (see separate file)
You tube Reference Cell structures and their function



Cell metabolism (80 videos)



The cell the crash course and biomolecules




Take Home Message ·      The function of organelles in a cell are similar to organs and systems in your body.

·      Specific biomolecules and metabolic pathways are linked to specific organelles

·      An organelle is a membrane bound structure.


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