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Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Oct 14th


Last lessons Objectives



Chapter 8

Assigned 9.1 Work Book


Average velocity Worksheet

Get data

Check Answer key for workbook





11 05

Today’s Objective 1 What is Inertia? What are the big three truths?

2 Review of Chapter 9 Average Review

3 Calculating displacement using area of a triangle



Number One


Activity One:

What is Inertia? Demo with “Pat”


Activity Two

Besides uniform motion, what are three things that remain constant.

Paradox: Define? Example?

Change: examples of change?

Humor: Is it unique to humans?


Collect Data

Number Two

Go through review questions.

Questions to focus on:

a)   What “story” is a graph telling? (matching a graph with a vocab term)

b)   How do we use speed and time to calculater more than acceleration? ( How can we have positive velocity but negative acceleration?)



Number Three


Using the area of a triangle ( 1/2bxh) to calculate displacement.


Area of a triangle is ½ base time height


Substitute values of base as time and height as velocity.


Displacement = ½ times sec/1 times meters/sec


Units that cancel out are time!


So final unit is distance or distance from original point.





Total time = 5 seconds

Final Speed = 20 meters / second


D= ½ x 5 sec x 20 m/s


= ½ x 100 m


= 50 meters!





Due Friday


Two graphs of acceleration of cart due to height and mass


Answers to 10 Questions.






Friday’s Class


Vocab Quiz on Friday

No cheat sheet




5 Practice problems on acceleration

Work book Reference  

Make sure to go over acceleration question related to two objects meeting up or one catching up to another.


Remember to review average velocity questions

You tube Reference  

Tutorial on Acceleration




Other stuff! Sign up for a group to do for “eggsperiment”

Due at the End of the month

Check web page for eggsperiment sheet


Next Class ·      Quiz on Chapter 9 review questions

(5 Questions)

·      Quiz on acceleration

(5 questions)


Next week


Test on Chapter Nine

Pre test for unit Exam


Take Home Message Paradox,Change and Humor!

Move and beat Inertia

Resistance is futile




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