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Biology 11 Lesson Oct 13

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 13th



Last lessons Objective



Introduction to Classification and Taxonomy

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Natural History and Natural Philosophy

2.   Link between classification and evolution

3.   Does Taxonomy consider DNA?


Table of structures and function

Number One


Question: What is the history of classification and how is it linked to world history?

(Reference in text Chapter 7)


Power Point





Number Two

Question: How to make a dichotomous key? How is the key related to scientific name?


A dichotomous key activity





Number Three


Designing a “PG Key”

Using 12 groups of student types, start to make a dichotomous key.

·      To pass, you must come up with 6 Questions to isolate each group.

·      To get a higher mark, include means to classify within the group (for a B)

·      To get an “A” classify a sub sub group within an original group!

·      Top five projects will be posted


Next Class Exam


Make key for next class

Text book Reference


Chapter Seven Table
You tube Reference  

Crash course on Taxonomy



Taxonomy and Tree of Life (Khan Academy)



‪Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Systematics




Take Home Message ·      Taxonomy is the earliest version of biological inquiry

·      Previous systems of classification was based upon observable traits




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