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Science 10 Oct 6 Lesson plan

Science 10 Lesson Outline Oct 6

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Oct Wednesday


Last lessons Objectives



Chapter 8

Assigned 9.1 Work Book


Average velocity Worksheet

Get data

Check Answer key for workbook





11 05

Today’s Objective 1 Calculating Acceleration

2 Velocity and best fit line

3 Calculating motion due to gravity



Number One


Activity One:

Affect of change in height with acceleration of cart


Gathering class data

First four to finish quiz get data

Fifth student in charge of answers for workbook


Activity Two

Affect of change in mass with acceleration of cart


Sample Data for change in height and cart from block 1


·      Change in height


Height               distance 1 meter     time


8                                                     2.78 sec

2.63 sec

2.55 sec


14                                                   1.64 sec

1.56 sec

1.63 sec


19                                                   1.45 sec

1.33 sec

1.31 sec

·      Change in mass


200 grams         distance 1 meter   time


50 grams


25 grams



Challenge One


1.   Calculate avg velocity for change in height data.


2.   Plot three lines showing change in velocity for each height.


3.   Calculate the slope of each line


Challenge Two


1.   Plot three lines for each change in mass.


2.   Calculate the slop of each line



Plot data on a line and how to do found in text on page 394



Collect Data

Number Two

Demo with Computer Simulation phet (Skate Park)




Notice what happens to change in

a)   speed

b)   potential and kinetic energy

when you change the

a)   height of the skater

b)   mass of the skater



Number Three


Using the skate boarder demo and your data from both cart demonstrations, answer these questions on a separate piece of paper.


1)   With the cart, what is the affect of change in acceleration with a change in height?


2)   With a skater, what is the affect of change in acceleration with height?



3)   What is the affect of mass on the acceleration of the cart?


4)   What is the affect of the change with mass on the skater?



5)   Is there a difference in between affect of height between the cart and the skater?


6)   Is there a difference in between the affect of mass of the cart and the skater?



7)   Propose a hypothesis for the cart regarding affect of height and mass for the cart.


8)   Propose a hypothesis for the skater regarding affect of height and mass for the skater?



9)   If there are differences in the affect of gravity upon the cart and the skater?


10)                 Can you explain your answer for question number nine, in regards to rules or laws of physics?





Due Friday


Two graphs of acceleration of cart due to height and mass


Answers to 10 Questions.






Friday’s Class


Vocab Quiz on Friday

No cheat sheet




5 Practice problems on acceleration

Work book Reference  

Check your answers with answer key


Remember to check Chapter 8 answers


You tube Reference  

You tube video on Potential and Kinetic Energy



You tube of Laws of Newtonian Physics




Tutorial on Acceleration




Other stuff! Sign up for a group to do for “eggsperiment”

Due at the End of the month

Check web page for eggsperiment sheet


Next Class ·      Vocabulary Quiz on Chapter 9

·      Two Graphs of acceleration due to change in height and change in mass

·      Problem set on Accelerations (from workbook)

·      (five questions)


Next week


25 Question MC Quiz on Wednesday


Take Home Message ·      Motion is affected by a variety of variables.

·      Resistance to motion is Inertia

·      Force = mass times acceleration

·      For every force there is another equal and opposite force.

·      Yoda says “Do or Do not, there is no try” so do your homework!

·      The force is strong in most Jedi Warriors






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