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Bio 11 Lesson Oct 8th

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 7th



Last lessons Objectives


DNA and Protein



Class Notes or Information

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Introduction Exam

2.   DNA Work package

3.   Introduction to Blog and Chapter Two



Number One


Introduction Exam



Number Two

·      DNA and it’s role in Biology

·      DNA is the molecule responsible for maintaining a code that is transferred from one generation to the next.

·      DNA is a helix structure with a phosphate and sugar backbone.

·      The actual code is established by nitrogen bases and the order in which they are found.

·      Consider that DNA is the master cook book that has all the recipes to make any protein in any living thing.

·      Currently there is a debate on one principle in biology that one gene (a series of nitrogen bases) is equal to the information to form one protein. This idea is currently being debated



Number Three


1.   Evolution is both a theory and a path of inquiry in Biology.


2.   To prove a theory, science follows the scientific method to establish evidence to validate an idea. To validate the theory of evolution there are two possible paths to follow.



3.   Direct evidence is that we can actually look at. Fossils are preserved evidence within the earth’s solid plates.

4.   There are three types of fossils.



5.   Indirect Evidence is using an observation to explain a possible relationship between the evidence and a change with time


A basic idea about evolution is the idea of adaptation.

·      Adaptations are those characteristics that allow on generation to change or survive.


·      Please note that in the text, an adaption is not just a physical trait but also social and behaviourial traits.



·      A basic premises to remember is

“Adapt or Die”

“Performance, feedback and revision”



Next Class


Review DNA work sheets



Start Chapter


Text book Reference



Class Notes

Chapter 25 for DNA


Chapter 2 For Evolution


Class hand outs



You tube Reference  

DNA rap





Baba Brinkman



Take Home Message “Adapt or Die”

“Performance, feedback and Revision”


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