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Bio 11 Oct 5

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 5th



Last lessons Objectives


DNA and Protein characteristics

(Case Study)



Class Notes or Information

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Quiz review on biomolecules

2.   DNA

3.   Protein and RNA


Molecule of life Quiz

Number One


Cornell Notes and how to write up notes for class


See youtube

Number Two

·      Common mistakes and additional notes for biomolecules

Compare the following:

·      Simple to complex sugars

·      What is the relationship between energy and the number of carbons

·      Carbos to fat

·      Three types of fats

·      Link between dna and protein

·      DNA vs RNA

What is an essential amino acid?



Number Three


Test one outline of learning outcomes:

1.   Activities of life

2.   Big ideas of life

3.   Levels of organization

4.   Molecules of life

5.   Scientific method

6.   Origins for biological terms


Next Class Exam


25 multiple choice


2 short answer questions ( Lab design and big ideas in biology)

Text book Reference

Chapter 1 pg 38-49


Class Notes




Class hand outs



You tube Reference How to write Cornell Notes




DNA and RNA (Amoeba Sisters)





Take Home Message  

You are what you eat.

Do not forget Vitamins




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