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    With the optional return to in-person classes beginning June 1, the instructions for both the in-person AND on-line learning will be the same:

    Weekly check-in (“attendance”) – if in-person, you will be marked present in MyEd when you come to class, while on-line students are reminded to reply via email by Thursday, attendance will be entered into MyEd at the end of each week; your online reply to me can be a simple emoji, gif, meme, a simple hello – I will reply back with a thumbs up (“like”) response to let you know I have checked you off for attendance; if you don’t receive a thumbs up/”like” from me within 24 hours it means I have not received your email check-in.  Thank you to those of you who have replied with some creative replies!

    This week for GEO12, PEPS12, LEAD10, SS10M, SS8M:

    • address any previous assignments that still need to be submitted that you wish to be considered for your Term 3/Final marks
    • FINALIZE your Digital Portfolio overall – all assignments need to be visible in the Course Digital Portfolio as well as submitted in the appropriate places (Terms 1&2 = Moodle/Term 3 = Teams)
    • FINAL SELF-ASSESSMENT:  upload as a PDF on BOTH Moodle as well as TEAMS; your final self-assessment should take into account your engagement (regular communication) and work that has been part of Term 3 (April onwards).
    • Deadline for all the above:  June 1 (soft Deadline)/June 8 (hard Deadline)

    Students will be receiving communication from the school soon regarding year-end details like text book  and uniform returns, so keep checking your emails regularly.  IF STUDENTS COMING IN FOR IN-PERSON CLASSES WISH, THEY MAY BRING THEIR TEXTBOOKS, UNIFORMS ETC. TO CLASS FOR RETURN to lessen the number of students needing to do this at the later dates to come.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me!

    Please be well & stay safe!


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