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    March 29-April 1

    CLIMATE CHANGEPLANET EARTH Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 TED TALK – Gavin Schmidt In a BLOG POST, what is the message (key ideas) behind Gavin Schmidt’s TED TALK? Videos from MOODLE: Basics of GEO – CLIMATE What is an Atmospheric River Atmospheric Pressure The Jet Stream (x2) Weather Fronts El […]


    March 8

    Segue into Political Studies – read/view material on Rosemary Brown (see Moodle or here at this link); BLOG POST: how did her reality differ from others? how did her reality motivate her? what is “activism”? are there acceptable/unacceptable forms? how does her story reflect the greater society’s values? Review Ideologies What is an […]


    March 8

    *Roman-Vikings Comparison now due this week

    Share some anachronisms

    Complete general comparisons between Roman vs Norse

    The Middle Ages in Western Europe

    Factors that led to fall of Roman Empire Looking ahead at Assignment: A Day in the Life – Then (There) vs Now (Here) Due Date week of April 4 Video: “The […]