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    Mar 11 –> 15

    Intro to “Pathways” and PDF Text (Moodle)

    Intro to Studying History (but we never leave Geography!)

    • History as a “narrative” and perspectives; importance of place and representation
    • BLOG POST: CHOOSE FIVE elements of civilization that often form the focus of historical study of a society, and apply these to yourself in the MODERN context of a group that YOU closely identify with (examples: family, a team, a particular program, a club, etc.)
      • To help you generate ideas, read
      • CREATE a document/list showing what these five elements are as they pertain to your “society” – their unique features, and how they shape/contribute to your group/society’s identity.Final Post by TUESDAY March 5
    • Time/Years (Moodle Activity PDF’s – “1999 …” and “Counting Years”
      • Have answers ready to share/discuss by TUESDAY March 5)
    • Historical accuracy and Anachronisms
      • “Forrest Gump” Anachronism Assignment (BLOG POST) Due Friday MARCH 8
        • Place yourself visually into an historical moment/scene
        • Include a caption for the scene

    Studying Civilizations –

    • Read Chapter 1 PDF of PATHWAYS by Friday MARCH 8
    • Brainstorm with (two partners) possible aspects for Infographics Assignment: Roman <-> Norse <-> Canada’s First Peoples
    • Intro to Assignment: Comparing (Early Middle Ages) Civilizations Roman <-> Norse <-> Canada’s First Peoples
      • Due April 15

    *Re-tests (GEO Unit): in FIT

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