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    Nov 15 –>

    • Recalibrating timelines
      • Semester 1 Mid-Semester Report Period – Marks Due Nov 21
      • Make sure completeness of Assignments (5), Blog Posts (8 + 1)
    • Discuss: Snapshot of Assignment #5
      • Which of the six major areas of Philosophy have you chosen to focus on?
    • Blog Post #9 (8+1) Due by this Friday Nov 17:
      • Which topic(s) in the Philosophy Unit did you enjoy going through? Which Assignment?
      • Which assignment are you the most proud of?
    • Segue into Political Studies – read/view material on Rosemary Brown (see Moodle or here at this link); BLOG POST #10 (due Monday, Nov.20):
      • how did her reality differ from others?  how did her reality motivate her?
      • what is “activism”?  are there acceptable/unacceptable forms of this?
      • how does her story reflect the greater society’s values?
      • in your opinion, how much has our society changed this reality, especially with regards to leadership positions?
    • Intro/Review – Political Ideologies

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