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    October 20-28Intro to “Pathways” and PDF Text (Moodle)

    Intro to Studying History (but we never leave Geography!)

    BLOG POST: CHOOSE FIVE elements of civilization that often form the focus of historical study of a society, and apply these to yourself in the context of a group that YOU closely identify with (examples: family, a team, […]


    October 20-28

    Read: CLIMATE CHANGE-PLANET EARTH Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Intro to Video: AGE OF STUPID Anticipatory Discussion What is a docudrama? Set up screening notes/focal points: P-I-Q-ue NOTES definition: to excite or cause interest (Cambridge Dictionary) Work towards meeting timeline of Seismic Structure Mitigation Assignment (#4) Preview of SUMMATIVE PROJECT – New […]