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    GEO continued …

    Latitude & Longitude Time Zones Scale Contour Lines


    Classroom Map – now overdue Grid Systems Activity Sheet – post in blog GEO Vocabulary – 3 choices – post in blog 5 Themes – Victoria Field Studies GEO Exam – Thursday, Oct 13


    September 20-23

    READ UNIT 2 – OPTIONAL in advance for Victoria Field Studies and Centre of the Universe Tour READ UNIT 3 PLANET EARTH pp 49-116 Video: Plate Tectonics Earth’s Interior The Earth’s Crust Plate Tectonics Video: “Colliding Continents” Looking Ahead to Assignment 3 “Structures and Seismic Mitigation” Looking ahead to ASSIGNMENT 4: New JAYO […]


    Sept 20-23

    Discuss Blog Post: Servant Leadership vs Directive Leadership Work on IDS Proposal 7 Habits Reading email book number to (SUBJECT LINE – LEADERSHIP) Jokers Corner Shifts (email conflict days to Brainstorm items – ready to discuss Wednesday or Thursday (latest) item, cost price, sale price Victoria Itinerary Research places (preliminary) […]


    September 20-23

    Intro to GEO Unit GEO VOCAB – work on completing definitions by end of week Blog Post: Pick THREE (3) Geo vocab terms and post in Blog by week of Sept 26 Term + Definition + Image of a BC example (cite source of image) Topographic Maps – Location Activity (See Moodle) Post […]


    September 7-9

    Distribute text books Review Course Outline, Expectations, Course Organization Assessment: Core Competencies vs Curricular Competencies Homework vs Assignments/Formal Assessments Utilizing MOODLE, Teacher BLOG, TEAMS Set up GEO12 Digital Portfolio/Blog; post link on TEAMS *Ongoing until END of SEMESTER 1: (own initiative for blog entries) Observations of the World Create a section in your […]

    LEAD 10

    September 7-9

    Introduction to the course & adaptations/modifications

    assessments, curricular competencies & time lines Moodle Digital Portfolios/blogs 7 Habits Course Book Volunteer Activities vs Extracurricular Activities – what’s the diff? Parkinson’s Superwalk – Sept.11, 8:30am to 12pm, Ceperly Park (Stanley Park) Course Marshalls and crew Terry Fox Run – Sept.18, 7:15am to 2:30pm Registration Volunteers […]


    Sept.7 & 8

    Intro to course & JODIMS Setting up MOODLE, TEAMS and Teacher Blog Communications – Emails Include as SUBJECT: SS8M Professional tone/etiquette Course Outline & Modifications Assessment – 4 point scale: Emerging/Developing/Proficient/Exceptional JO DI Mini School Experience and Expectations Digital Skills & Immersion Creating Student Digital Portfolio/Blog Leadership Field Studies – Fall […]