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    September 20-23

    1. READ UNIT 2 – OPTIONAL in advance for Victoria Field Studies and Centre of the Universe Tour
    2. READ UNIT 3 PLANET EARTH pp 49-116
      • Video: Plate Tectonics
      • Earth’s Interior
      • The Earth’s Crust
      • Plate Tectonics
    3. Video:  “Colliding Continents”
    4. Looking Ahead to Assignment 3 “Structures and Seismic Mitigation”
    5. Looking ahead to ASSIGNMENT 4:  New JAYO
      • preview details/ideas on:
        • Design
        • Aesthetics
        • Needs/Amenities
        • Seismic considerations
        • Climate/Sustainability considerations
    6. Video: “Strip the City”
    7. BLOG ENTRY:  Local Volcanoes
      • Create an entry in your blog with the following info:
        • the name of a nearby volcano (+image if possible)
        • status of volcano (active/dormant)
        • absolute location (latitude/longitude)
        • relative location in relation to Vancouver (direction, distance)
        • last known major eruption?

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