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    January 15 –>January 26

    Entry into Economics Unit; PLUS – A look at North Korea (“Inside North Korea’s Dynasty” or “Dictator’s Dilemma“)

    Set up discussion/roundtable on Wage Initiatives: Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage vs. Universal Basic Income Macro vs Micro Economics Vocabulary: In notes (see bolded terms below) Economics Crash Course video Examples of personal […]


    Jan 8-12

    Political Studies (continued) – the American Model

    Election Rights How to Become President (Moodle) Review Electoral College vs current charges against “fake electors” and Jan 6 Voter Suppression (examples) invoking the 14th Amendment and disqualification Civil Rights second PIQ notes: “Selma” (post in blog upon completion of Video)

    Jan 15-19

    Political Studies – […]