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    Follow Up on Reading – Physical + Human Geography Physical Geography Characteristics integrative spatial holistic change systems oriented Systems morphological cascading ecosystems altered systems Theories & Ideas geologic time uniformitarianism Gaia Hypothesis Human Geography *Ongoing until end of Quarter 2: Understanding the World Through a New Lens 5 THEMES of GEOGRAPHY – ASSIGNMENT […]

    GEO12 – 2.1

    Some helpful resources:

    Calendar Q2.docx

    Quarter 2 Schedule with Times and Courses


    GEO12 – 2.1

    Thursday, November 19 & Friday, November 20

    Distribute text books Review Course Outline, Expectations, Course Organization Assessment: Core Competencies vs Curricular Competencies Homework vs Assignments Homework: Read correlating sections in MOODLE Set up GEO12 Digital Portfolio/Blog; post link on TEAMS as well as MOODLE *Ongoing until END of QUARTER 2: Understanding the World Through a […]

    GEO12 – 1.2

    November 17

    Return Textbooks Self Assessment Share Digital Portfolios

    GEO12 – 1.2

    November 12

    Assignment 6 Roundtable – Day 1

    Plan Spoken Presentation Phase 1 – Facts & Findings

    (Day 2 – Friday, November 13)

    Phase 2 – Q&A Phase 3 – Concluding Remarks Phase 4 – Group Consensus

    *Note upcoming due dates:

    Nov 12-13 Assignment 6 Roundtable Debate/Deliberation Nov 13-16 Self Assessment & Final Touches on […]

    GEO12 – 1.2

    As we start this week, just a final reminder of your due dates! We will be meeting again in person as a class Nov 12 – 17 for the conclusion of our course, so if you have any questions/issues with Assignment 6 you must contact or see me in flex either today or tomorrow! […]