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    May 1-10

    The Middle Ages in Western Europe

    Factors that led to fall of Roman Empire Looking ahead at Assignment: A Day in the Life – Then (There) vs Now (Here) Due Date week of May 13 Video: “The Dark Ages – Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire” Video: “Life in Medieval Europe” […]


    April –> May

    Videos (also from MOODLE): Basics of GEO – CLIMATE What is an Atmospheric River Atmospheric Pressure (Bill Nye) The Jet Stream (x2) Weather Fronts Atmospheric Circulation El Nino vs El Nina Resources & Sustainability Blog Post: “The Ball – 20 Questions” Observations How does its story fit in with previous topics: 5 […]


    April 2-5

    Recalibrate after Spring Break

    Share any “Street Experiences” (GEO THEME: “PLACE”) Revisit/remind about deadlines Parent-Teacher Conferences blogs assignments so far course engagement & communication

    Re-Connect – Age of Stupid

    Which person connected the most? (Blog Post) Age of Stupid – 10 years later (short video clip – add to blog notes on Age […]