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    May 25 –> June 27:

    (May 29) Debate: Cloud Seeding Perspectives – identify pros/cons on this issue and their motivations Arguments – research and prepare statements/arguments representing the two positions identified – debate Personal Conclusions – state personal conclusions resulting from debate (May 30-June 1) Explore final section of Moodle: RESOURCES & SUSTAINABILITY (June 2-16) […]


    May 25–>

    Set up discussion/roundtable on Wage Initiatives: Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage vs. Universal Basic Income Macro vs Micro Economics Vocabulary: In notes ( blog post by Monday May 39) Economics Crash Course video Examples of personal choice & economics Macroeconomics vs. Microeconomics definitions Command Economy, Market Economy, Mixed Economy, Traditional Economy provide examples […]


    May 8-11

    Follow up on World at War – Genocide Impactful moments? Theresienstadt A cross section of Political Studies & Philosophy: how do government policies shape perceptions of realities? Perspective Matters Exercise 3 different perspectives and govt narrative/policy? Preparation for Holocaust Symposium […]


    May 8-11 (Pro D May 12)

    Finish Climate & Weather Topics El Nino and La Nina How Do Ocean Currents Work Watching Sea Levels Rise Sea Levels Rising Greenland Ice Sheet Sustainability & Resources “Foods From The Future” Blue Gold Ecological Footprint


    May 1-5 Canada Interwar Years

    Vocabulary (see Moodle) Slang Terms Video notes: “Canada in Between Two Wars”; FOCUS ON: Changes to Canada … Politically Domestic International Role Economically Socially Catalysts/Causes of change Effects/Impact of change Optional: Review additional videos on TEAMS “Canada in the 1920s” “Boom and Bust” Assignment: Create an infographic detailing one example […]


    May 1-5

    Civil Rights and Politics

    Case study: Selma P.I.Q. notes