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    May 25–>

    • Set up discussion/roundtable on Wage Initiatives:
      • Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage vs. Universal Basic Income
    • Macro vs Micro Economics
      • Vocabulary:  In notes ( blog post by Monday May 39)
        • Economics
        • Macroeconomics vs. Microeconomics definitions
        • Command Economy, Market Economy, Mixed Economy, Traditional Economy
          • provide examples
        • Resource
        • Opportunity cost
        • Factors of production
        • Household
        • Markets
          • for goods and services
          • factor markets
        • Supply Chain
        • Economies of Scale
      • ASSIGNMENT 8: Create a powerpoint or infographic presentation on the following:
        • an example of a personal choice and economics (refer to Crash Course video listed above)
        • the different types of economies (listed above)
        • a product that you use/consume that is subject to supply chain issues
          • include place of origin of manufacturing, factors of production, path to market/household
        • Due June 1
      • Article: “Capitalism Needs Reform”
      • Article: “…make Global Corporations pay their fair share …?”
      • Education & Wealth
      • BLOG POST:  “Is it time for a re-set in our Economic system?”
        • In reference to at least ONE of the articles above, what are your thoughts/opinions?
        • Due – post by Monday June 5

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