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    Looking ahead – April to May 1

    POST RAW NOTES from AGE of STUPID Videos from MOODLE: Basics of GEO – CLIMATE What is an Atmospheric River Atmospheric Pressure (Bill Nye) The Jet Stream (x2) Weather Fronts Atmospheric Circulation El Nino vs El Nina Resources & Sustainability Blog Post: “The Ball – 20 Questions” Observations […]


    April 3-6 (No school April 7,10)

    1. Follow Up/Segue: Canada’s Constitution and Early Political History (Canada enters the 20th Century)

    Doctrine of Discovery Discussion Canada into the 20th Century PP Notes

    2. Canada & WWI

    International Background Video notes: “Causes of WWI” Canada’s Role Video notes: “Canada’s Role in WWI”

    Homework/Readings Due next period:



    April 3-6 (no school April 7)

    Accompanying Readings: CLIMATE CHANGE-PLANET EARTH Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Intro to Video: AGE OF STUPID Anticipatory Discussion What is a docudrama? Set up screening notes/focal points: P-I-Q-ue NOTES definition: to excite or cause interest (Cambridge Dictionary) Work towards meeting timeline of Seismic Structure Mitigation Assignment (#3) Preview […]


    April 3-6

    Intro/Review notes – Federalism – US vs Canadian Gov’t Structures in general View Video: (NOTORIOUS) RBG P/I/Q Notes (Points/Interest/Questions) US Electoral College, voter suppression and other issues