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    September 7-9

    1. Distribute text books
    2. Review Course Outline, Expectations, Course Organization
      • Assessment:  Core Competencies vs Curricular Competencies
      • Homework vs Assignments/Formal Assessments
      • Utilizing MOODLE, Teacher BLOG, TEAMS
    3. Set up GEO12 Digital Portfolio/Blog; post link on TEAMS
    4. *Ongoing until END of SEMESTER 1: (own initiative for blog entries)
      • Observations of the World
        • Create a section in your Digital Portfolio for this
        • Keep ongoing brief entries in Course Portfolio on phenomena/events related to Geography (Human and/or Physical)
          • Description of what it is/was
          • Your rationale/meaning/thoughts
          • ex.: Tonga, EVERGREEN BLOCKADE, Atmospheric Rivers, Trucker Convoy Protest, COVID news
    5. JODIMS 2022 Fall Field Studies – Victoria
      • Digital Documentary
        • must include components (definition + example) of 5 themes of GEO
          • minimum 1 per site
          • overall, all 5 themes must be covered
      • Group or Individual
    1. Intro to GEO and the FIVE THEMES of GEOGRAPHY
      • Go over FIVE THEMES of GEOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT 1 (student choice of working in groups of TWO or individually) and ASSIGNMENT 2 (individual only)
      • Research/View/Discuss materials on FIVE THEMES of GEOGRAPHY (video on MOODLE/TEAMS plus own research for understanding)
      • Start working/gathering details for Assignment 1
    2. HOMEWORK –
      • Due next period:
        • Physical + Human Geography in Canada (view and understand on MOODLE)
          • Be ready to discuss
      • Due by Monday September 12
        • Read UNIT 1 in text book pp.1-14
        • Assessment/Discussion for Understanding from reading will take place Monday

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