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    Weekly check-in (“attendance”) – reminder to reply via email by Thursdayattendance will be entered into MyEd at the end of each week; your reply to me can be a simple emoji, gif, meme, a simple hello – I will reply back with a thumbs up (“like”) response to let you know I have checked you off for attendance; if you don’t receive a thumbs up/”like” from me within 24 hours it means I have not received your email check-in.  Thank you to those of you who have replied with some creative replies!

    This week for GEO12, PEPS12, LEAD10, SS10M, SS8M:

    • address any previous assignments that still need to be submitted
    • continue with your observations/thoughts/questions in your course Digital Portfolios (your thoughts are especially important as we enter the first stages of re-opening certain areas of society)
    • FINALIZE your Digital Portfolio overall – all assignments need to be visible in the Course Digital Portfolio as well as submitted in the appropriate places (Terms 1&2 = Moodle/Term 3 = Teams)
    • FINAL SELF-ASSESSMENT:  upload as a PDF on BOTH Moodle as well as TEAMS; your final self-assessment should take into account your engagement (regular communication) and work that has been part of Term 3 (April onwards).
    • Deadline for all the above:  June 1 (soft Deadline)/June 8 (hard Deadline)

    Students will be receiving communication from the school soon regarding year-end details like text book returns, so keep checking your emails regularly.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me!

    Please be well & stay safe!


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