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    Weekly check-in (“attendance”) – reminder to reply via email by Thursday, attendance will be entered into MyEd at the end of each week; your reply to me can be a simple emoji, gif, meme, a simple hello – I will reply back with a thumbs up (“like”) response to let you know I have checked you off for attendance; if you don’t receive a thumbs up from me (within 24 hours) it means I have not received your email check-in.  Thank you to those of you who have replied with some creative items!

    This week there will be no new assignments for GEO12, PEPS12, LEAD10, SS10M, SS8M, so use the time to:

    • address any previous assignments that still need to be submitted
    • continue with your observations/thoughts/questions in your course Digital Portfolios (your thoughts are especially important as we enter the first stages of re-opening certain areas of society)
    • start finalizing your Digital Portfolio overall – all assignments need to be visible in the Course Digital Portfolio as well as submitted in the appropriate places (Terms 1&2 = Moodle/Term 3 = Teams)
    • start thinking about your final self assessment

    Students will be receiving communication from the school soon regarding year-end details like text book returns, so keep checking your emails regularly.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me!

    Please be well & stay safe!


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