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    May The Fourth Be With You Celebration - Hangar 2

    Weekly check-in (“attendance”) – reminder to reply via email by Thursday, attendance will be entered into MyEd at the end of each week; your reply to me can be a simple emoji, gif, meme, a simple hello – I will reply back with a thumbs up (“like”) response to let you know I have checked you off for attendance.

    Be well & stay safe!


    Question about TERM 3 Marks:  “How will all this affect my final mark?”
    –  Students’ TERM 2 cumulative mark will serve as a provisional baseline mark from which your work and engagement in TERM 3 will serve to improve on.  Consistent engagement (communication, attendance) plus submitted work will raise the mark up until the cut-off date (approximately end of May).  Work not submitted and/or lack of engagement (communication, attendance) can bring the mark back down, but not lower than the provisional baseline mark established by the end of TERM 2.

    Assignments for Week of MAY 4:

    All courses:  continue making your ongoing observations/questions/thoughts on the current health crisis situation in your Digital Portfolios; as well, all students will have until approximately the end of May to submit any work for Term 3 (online learning assignments) not already submitted.

    GEO12 –  Go to MOODLE and explore the UNIT “RESOURCES & SUSTAINABILITY”.
    1)  Blue Gold video questions:
    –  What is the video’s message on this resource?
    –  Explain one new realization or question that this video prompted in your thinking.
    –  Should we be as concerned as the video’s makers think we should be?  Why or why not?
    Format for submission:  paragraph or point form answers
    Due Date:  May 5 (soft deadline)/May 8 (hard deadline)

    2)  Energy Alternatives:  Research energy alternatives to oil.  Choose TWO that in your opinion should be pursued by our government, explaining both the advantages as well as disadvantages/challenges.
    Format for submission:  student choice
    Due Date:  May 11 (soft deadline)/May 17 (hard deadline)

    PEPS12 – Research the debate that many regions now face regarding Economic Health vs Physical Health and the possibility of lifting restrictions.  Present the key points for each, including some of the perspectives/stakeholders of each topic.
    Format for submission:  student choice
    Due Date:  May 11 (soft deadline)/May 17 (hard deadline)

    SS10M – Go to MOODLE UNIT 3 – review the TWO sections “POPULATION” and “LIVING STANDARDS”
    1)  Look at examples of actual populations of Canada; how does a population pyramid help a government plan for its people?
    –  Create a population “pyramid” for your household.  Include everybody that lives in your household.  Due to the vast difference in numbers, your household population pyramid will most likely appear drastically different than what is used to represent a country, but you should apply the same criteria and cohort differentiations.
    –  In your household population pyramid, what are the primary (foremost) needs for each cohort represented?
    Format for submission:  student choice
    Due Date:  May 11 (soft deadline)/May 14 (hard deadline)

    2)  How has the current health crisis forced us to re-examine the following concepts of Living Standards:
    –  housing?  (availability, affordability, homelessness)
    –  income?  (minimum wage, living wage, universal basic income, definition and valuing of essential services)
    –  in light of the issues and problems that the current health crisis has revealed, what are your recommendations/opinion on the issues of housing and income?
    Format for submission:  student choice
    Due Date:  May 15 (soft deadline)/May 17 (hard deadline)

    SS8M – Go to MOODLE and read CROSSROADS Chapter 2
    1)  Historical – from your reading:  Prior to the English Civil War, what the general relationship between government (ie. the monarch) and the people?
    2)  General thinking:  What factors lead people to want to change/re-define the relationship between themselves and government?
    3)  Current Relevancy and Critical Thinking: – In the current health crisis, describe one way in which government has adapted/changed?
    Format for submission:  student choice
    Due Date:  May 11 (soft deadline)/May 17 (hard deadline)

    1)  Volunteering (doing something for others):  Describe something that you are now volunteering with during this current health crisis (it can be something within your actual household).

    2)  Extracurricular Activity (doing something for yourself):  Describe something that you have done (ie. learned, practiced, created, explored) during this current health crisis.

    Format for submission:  student choice but visuals/picture where possible
    Due Date:  May 8 (soft deadline)/May 11 (hard deadline)

    Checking in students for locker clear out

    *My examples:
    1)  I volunteer grocery-shop for people who are unable to.  Also volunteered to help with students’ locker clear out.




    2) Cooking – sometimes a personal “Chopped” Challenge to use up whatever ingredients are on hand

    Steak and Parmesan Tagiatelle

    Homemade Fries w/ Basil & Spring Onion

    Egg & Fries

    Homemade Pho



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