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    Weekly check-in (“attendance”) – reminder to reply via email by Thursday, attendance will be entered into MyEd at the end of each week.

    All courses – your next due dates for what is listed below is May 4 (soft deadline)/May 8 (hard deadline); this set up regarding deadlines is meant to provide you with flexibility according to your individual circumstances but be careful about procrastination.  It is recommended by many to try and have a somewhat regular schedule regarding your routines, and to make sure that you have regular breaks from your online/screen time.  As per these online assignments, the format you choose to submit is up to you depending on your preferences and abilities (what you are capable of but also interesting and fun hopefully), but please make sure that your work is your own work (if incorporating work from other sources as support this should be noted/cited) and to check that your submission has been actually loaded as some student submissions for previous work remains blank.  Post your finished work in BOTH your DIGITAL PORTFOLIO and in TEAMS.

    Assessment – as per direction from the District and Ministry, course work during this time of online learning as continuity of your educational programs serves as an opportunity to further enhance and raise your learning outcomes; students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your course standing in working towards your final course marks.  Regular engagement (attendance check-ins combined with submission of work) will only result in a greater standing and overall improved final course mark.

    Any questions or issues (assignment-related or not), please contact me; be well and stay safe!


    PEPS12 – Start with MOODLE and review material on Ideologies, specifically political ideologies (Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism); conduct further research online as needed.

    • How have governments shown their ideological perspectives in their handling of the current global health crisis?  Choose TWO examples where there are differences.
    • Include in your presentation of your work the following:
      • location
      • sufficient detail showing the connection between the government action and the ideological perspective
      • result of the government action
    • List of online sources for your research

    GEO12 – There is growing evidence that as human populations deal with the current global health crisis that the physical earth seems to be recovering to varying degrees from the damage wrought on it; research and present FOUR examples around the world where this has occurred.  Your submission should include:

    • The location of the phenomenon (this must include a map visual of some kind as well as the absolute and relative location)
    • A “before” and “after” (text and visual)
    • Your brief conclusion on how ONE of these examples of recovery can be sustained/continued even after the global health crisis is resolved
    • List of online sources for your research

    LEAD10 – Go to MOODLE and read the Globe and Mail article on Dr. Bonnie Henry.  Examine her leadership during this health crisis and present your thoughts, including on the following:

    • What do you perceive as her strengths?
    • Identify some of the challenges she faced in dealing with this crisis.
    • In your opinion, how effective would you describe her leadership approach to the current crisis?

    SS10M – Go to MOODLE and explore “Unit 2 – HISTORY – POST WWII – A NEW INTERNATIONAL ROLE”.  Canada has chosen to adopt a certain role in international affairs and how it interacts with other nations.

    • Explore the links on the UN & Canada as well as read PDF of Counterpoints Chapter 6
      • What was the international role that Canada adopted in the immediate post WWII world (1945-1990s)?
      • Is this evident in today’s current crisis?  Provide supporting details/examples
      • What factors do you think contribute to Canada continuing to play this role?

    SS8M – Go to MOODLE Topic 5; Read the PDF on CROSSROADS Chapter 1

    • Compare the western European view of the world in the areas of trade, science and technology back then (circa late 1400s to the 1500s), with how our global view of the world is today in our modern times in those same three areas.   Your current descriptions should include our general 21st Century perspective, as well as your thoughts/opinions on how the current global health crisis may alter that in the near future.  Your comparison must include (but can be more than) the following areas:
      • Trade and Economics
      • Science
      • Technology and Innovation

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