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    All Courses:  here is a sample set of records/observations from my own personal running around today – it is simply recorded in point form and stream-of-consciousness type format but you may choose to be more elaborate if you wish ( some of you have already uploaded/submitted some great stuff already!):


    APRIL 11 Entry

    • Allergies running wild today so grabbed my mask to wear when going into businesses (see pic lol)
    • Most people are respecting the physical distancing in public places (Cambie and Broadway area)
    • Pretty much every grocery store has an extensive line up outside to get in; many stores are limiting the numbers of people allowed to go inside; as well, many have instituted “one-way” aisles to create a flow of foot traffic. How many of these these measures will be continued afterwards?
    • My sunglasses start fogging up as I continue wearing the face mask – did not anticipate that coming lol
    • Roughly 75% of people I saw wore masks
    • Noticing the social distancing around me, sometimes I feel like a superhero with a protective force field around me, while at other times I’m wondering if it’s my breath lol
    • Essential workers are traditionally thought of as doctors, nurses, first responders etc; how many of us realized how important people working at grocery stores are?  After all this, will workers like grocery store workers be paid like they are essential?
    • Homelessness as an issue is exacerbated during these times; how do we address this?
    • Despite all the human issues and struggles, nature continues to move according to its own schedule ( see pics below)
    • Just found out via social media of a loss in the family; can only imagine the immediate family dealing with this and their heart break at not being able to deal with this in our normal way
    • I have never sneezed so self-consciously before in my life; also, sneezing into crook of elbow is just a form of dabbing
    • … to be continued in next set of observations to come …

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