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    Students will also be receiving communications though Microsoft TEAMS “classes” that have been set up for GEO12, PEPS12, SS10M, LEAD10, & SS8M as per VSB & school admin directives; remember that MOODLE has been set up with specific course resources that will assist students in their respective courses.

    Upcoming course schedule date(s):

    April 20 – In each student Digital Portfolio there should be a separate section (page/tab/etc)  dedicated to the “Spring 2020 Observations”  assignment described in an earlier post (see previous post from April 1, 2020)

    Some focusing ideas students can use are listed below (these are not meant to limit your topics, but rather give you a common starting point):

    PEPS12 – The economic welfare of individuals is an issue many governments are wrestling with in addition to the health concerns – examine the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in light of the current situation (especially with regard to any countries that may be implementing a form of UBI) and share your thoughts/opinions, versus Guaranteed Minimum Wage.  *You can also explore the concept of a “Living Wage”

    GEO12 – Cities are often designed with social interaction in mind; describe some possible ways where cities might be designed differently as a result of the current situation.

    SS10M – The current situation has sometimes been described as similar to war times – provide some examples that support this, and some examples that refute this.

    LEAD10 – It can be argued that a crisis is an opportunity for leaders to come forward; share some specific examples where this has been shown (can be local community grassroots, governmental, organizational or individual)

    SS8M – What new ways of doing things (methods/ innovations/inventions/ideas) have emerged as a result of the current situation?  Share your examples with as much detail as possible (who/what/why/where/when/how).

    Students are also free to use ideas from across all the courses listed or come up with their own based on running observations!


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