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    June 16

    The French Revolution

    Video Review – “Causes of the French Revolution” (TedED)

    Discuss Graphic Organizer – Leadership (Activity 3-3 MOODLE PDF)


    • Influence of the American Revolution
      • “no taxation without representation”
      • equality
      • government by consent of the people
      • inalienable rights
    • Influence of the Industrial Revolution
      • rise of a middle class
      • “technological” unemployment
    • Estates General
      • creation of the National Assembly
      • the Tennis Court Oath
    • Food Crisis, Louis XVI’s reaction and the fall of the Bastille
    • National Guard
    • Revolution spreads from Paris
      • The Great Fear
    • Women’s March on Versailles
    • Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
      • liberte, egalite, fraternite
      • “citizen”
      • les emigres
    • The struggle for power
      • les Jacobins (Danton, Robespierre) vs les Girondists (Roland, Corday)
      • les sans-culottes (Marat)
    • The Revolutionary Wars and French Nationalism
    • The National Convention & “Louis Capet”
      • The Reign of Terror
      • Reign and fall of Robespierre
      • The Thermidoreans
    • The Directory and regress

    Reading Comprehension Check – Chapter 3 Crossroads


    • Read Chapter 4 – Napoleonic Era by Monday, June 21

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