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    June 15

    The French Revolution

    *Graphic Organizer – Leadership (Activity 3-3 MOODLE PDF) – Upload to Digital Portfolio by June 16


    • Geography Background
      • Bodies of Water
      • Climate
      • Agriculture
      • Land Ownership
    • Agriculture & Land Ownership
      • A Closer Look pp.57-58
        • In what regions did most of the wealthy live?
        • In the poorest regions, which products and terrain are predominant?
        • What factors would lead some farmers to be better off than others?
    • Conditions Pre-Revolution in Paris & in rural France
    • Louis XIV
    • Louis XV
    • Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette
    • Reading Comprehension Check – Chapter 3 Crossroads


    • Read Chapter 4 – Napoleonic Era by Monday, June 21

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