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    June 21-24


    Les Miserable BLOG ENTRY (post by no later than June 24)

    • Who do you think truly are Les Miserables?
    • Which character resonated with you the most and why?
      • Resonate: to produce a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion (
    • If you had to pick one, which song was your favourite and why?
    • What is one reason/advantage to telling a story using a musical format?  What is one challenge/disadvantage to using a musical as a story-telling vehicle?
    • Choose one of the following themes from Les Miserables to comment on (how did it play out in the movie? Real life? Your opinion/conclusion?):
      • Redemption
      • Treatment of women in society
      • Mercy vs Judgement
      • Family (the concept of)
      • Class systems in society – poverty and wealth
      • Justice
      • Sacrifice

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