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    • Nov 8 – Indigenous Veterans Day
      • Read article: “Indigenous Peoples and the Second World War
      • View short video clip and read article: “Canada’s Indigenous Veterans
      • Discussion Questions and Blog Post:
        • Why do you think there is an incomplete account of Indigenous Veterans service?
        • What were some of the challenges/obstacles to Indigenous Peoples serving in the military?
        • What contradictions were evident in Canada’s policies in the issue of service and the need for soldiers (and conscription) especially in WWII?
        • Who is Thomas Prince?
        • How does honouring Indigenous Veterans Day every Nov.8 fit with the ideals of the Truth and Reconciliation initiative?
    • Follow up video to Inside North Korea’s Dynasty – “The Great Game”
      • Class Discussion:  Debrief of video viewing
    • Introduction to Economics Unit
      • Vocabulary
      • What is Macroeconomics?
      • Economic Ideologies Review
        • Capitalism vs Socialism/Communism
      • Globalization and the Supply Chain
      • Cost of Living
        • Min Wage – Living Wage – UBI

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