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    February 25

    Complete viewing of “Awakenings”

    • Assignment 4:  Analyze how the movie touches on at least THREE of the 6 areas of the Philosophy part of this course (PEPS)
    • Pairs or Individual
    • Digital Format:  video, powerpoint/slide show
    • Due Date:  week of March 8
    • Discussion Points on possible tie-ins (these are only meant as starting points to help you; you are not limited to just these points!)
      • Ethics – moments of morality in the movie
      • Philosophy of Science – applying the scientific method to humans
      • Aesthetics – elements in telling an effective story through movie-making
      • Epistemology – the different frameworks of knowledge and how they evolve in the movie
      • Metaphysics – Consciousness and what might have been the reality of the patients when they were “asleep” vs  what their reality when they were awakened
      • Social and Political Philosophy – the social and political values as expressed through the dynamics of the work place

    Homework due next day (Friday):

    1.  Segue into Political Studies – read/view material on Rosemary Brown (see Moodle); be prepared to discuss:

      • how did her reality differ from others?  how did her reality motivate her?
      • what is “activism”?  are there acceptable/unacceptable forms?
      • how does her story reflect the greater society’s values?

    2.  Review powerpoint/notes on Philosophers (see Moodle)

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