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    February 22

    Follow up/Complete Intro to Philosophy:

    • Assignment 3 – Metaphysics:  Childhood Perceptions vs Now
    • Art of Argument
    • Epistemology:  Video “Anti-Vaxxers, Conspiracy Theories & Epistemic Responsibility”
    • Philosophy of Science: Video “Karl Popper:  Science vs Pseudo-Science”
      • Blog Entry #5: “What is the significance of these topics (Epistemic Responsibility and Science vs Pseudo-Science) today?” Due by February 26
    • Aesthetics:  Video “Aesthetics – What Good Is It?”
      • Blog Entry #6:  “Describe the role that Aesthetics plays in a part of our lives” Due February 26
    • Review Movie Release:  “Awakenings”
      • Assignment 4:  Analyze how the movie touches on at least THREE of the 6 areas of the Philosophy part of this course (PEPS)
      • Pairs or Individual
      • Digital Format:  video, powerpoint/slide show
      • Due Date:  week of March 8


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