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    All Courses:  here is a sample set of records/observations from my own personal running around today – it is simply recorded in point form and stream-of-consciousness type format but you may choose to be more elaborate if you wish ( some of you have already uploaded/submitted some great stuff already!):


    APRIL 11 Entry

    • Allergies running wild today so grabbed my mask to wear when going into businesses (see pic lol)
    • Most people are respecting the physical distancing in public places (Cambie and Broadway area)
    • Pretty much every grocery store has an extensive line up outside to get in; many stores are limiting the numbers of people allowed to go inside; as well, many have instituted “one-way” aisles to create a flow of foot traffic. How many of these these measures will be continued afterwards?
    • My sunglasses start fogging up as I continue wearing the face mask – did not anticipate that coming lol
    • Roughly 75% of people I saw wore masks
    • Noticing the social distancing around me, sometimes I feel like a superhero with a protective force field around me, while at other times I’m wondering if it’s my breath lol
    • Essential workers are traditionally thought of as doctors, nurses, first responders etc; how many of us realized how important people working at grocery stores are?  After all this, will workers like grocery store workers be paid like they are essential?
    • Homelessness as an issue is exacerbated during these times; how do we address this?
    • Despite all the human issues and struggles, nature continues to move according to its own schedule ( see pics below)
    • Just found out via social media of a loss in the family; can only imagine the immediate family dealing with this and their heart break at not being able to deal with this in our normal way
    • I have never sneezed so self-consciously before in my life; also, sneezing into crook of elbow is just a form of dabbing
    • … to be continued in next set of observations to come …


    Students will also be receiving communications though Microsoft TEAMS “classes” that have been set up for GEO12, PEPS12, SS10M, LEAD10, & SS8M as per VSB & school admin directives; remember that MOODLE has been set up with specific course resources that will assist students in their respective courses.

    Upcoming course schedule date(s):

    April 20 – In each student Digital Portfolio there should be a separate section (page/tab/etc)  dedicated to the “Spring 2020 Observations”  assignment described in an earlier post (see previous post from April 1, 2020)

    Some focusing ideas students can use are listed below (these are not meant to limit your topics, but rather give you a common starting point):

    PEPS12 – The economic welfare of individuals is an issue many governments are wrestling with in addition to the health concerns – examine the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in light of the current situation (especially with regard to any countries that may be implementing a form of UBI) and share your thoughts/opinions, versus Guaranteed Minimum Wage.  *You can also explore the concept of a “Living Wage”

    GEO12 – Cities are often designed with social interaction in mind; describe some possible ways where cities might be designed differently as a result of the current situation.

    SS10M – The current situation has sometimes been described as similar to war times – provide some examples that support this, and some examples that refute this.

    LEAD10 – It can be argued that a crisis is an opportunity for leaders to come forward; share some specific examples where this has been shown (can be local community grassroots, governmental, organizational or individual)

    SS8M – What new ways of doing things (methods/ innovations/inventions/ideas) have emerged as a result of the current situation?  Share your examples with as much detail as possible (who/what/why/where/when/how).

    Students are also free to use ideas from across all the courses listed or come up with their own based on running observations!




    ALL COURSES: Please read …

    All students:  Please read the following piece by writer/teacher George Saunders and his letter to his students that was published in The New Yorker today about the importance of your observations as part of this generation’s record of the times … (you may include an optional response to this in your digital portfolio if you wish – yes, totally your choice!) – hopefully this will give you even more motivationa (if you didn’t already have it!) to record your observations and questions down as we navigate our way through these times …

    A Letter to My Students as We Face the Pandemic _ The New Yorker

    The New Yorker April 13, 2020 | The New Yorker

    Bonus from Twitter & Mark Cuban:

    Mark Cuban
    When we look back in five years, we are going to realize that there were 10 to 20 amazing companies that were started that changed the world and led us to a brighter future. Ask yourself: “Why Not Me” or “Why Not Us”. Now is your time. The world is waiting.


    I hope this finds everyone as well as can be under these unprecedented circumstances.

    There is no doubt that we are all witnessing historic events unfold before us, so the number one priority is the health and well-being of you and those around you.

    With that in mind, this is also an opportune time to be an active witness to what is happening around us, so if you are able to, record your thoughts, observations and questions about what is going on as we navigate through this.  There are many profound opportunities for us to leave an impact in the midst of so much uncertainty through our observations and records.  Below are just some suggested ways to help organize your thoughts according to our course subject areas, but by no means are they meant to confine, constrict or limit (ANY thoughts/questions are encouraged!) – you may organize your thoughts however you wish (a suggested way would be to categorize according to “Observations”, “Questions”, “Ideas”, etc.)!  At some point these thoughts should be uploaded to your course portfolios, but for now just simply record your thoughts as they may occur.  Try to cite the sources of your examples as not all your examples might be universally known.

    LEAD10 – how have various figures shown effective leadership during this time?  Examples could range from a personal level to local community example to government leaders (Theresa Tam, Bonnie Henry, Chrystia Freeland, Adrian Dix, etc.)

    PEPS12 – what have been some economic concerns (individually, locally, nationally)?  Issues?  Possible solutions?  how have different political systems around the world reacted to the crisis situation?  what role does the dissemination of information play, and are there pros and cons?

    GEO12 – what factors (physical geography, human geography) have contributed to the spread?  what factors have mitigated?  what factors have worsened?  How has the physical earth been affected?  how has the movement of people, goods, ideas been affected?  What other natural disasters/events have occurred?  What are the problems with food security, and what are some possible solutions (now?  future?)

    SS10M –  how has Canada responded via the different levels of government?  what regional (provincial/territorial) differences have you noticed?  what are advantages/disadvantages?

    SS8M – how have recent events made us re-think how we do things?  What possibilities might emerge?

    Further updates and information will be provided; the school will be issuing formal communications via your emails so check your emails regularly; if you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

    Stay well,


    TERM 3 – SPRING 2020

    FAQ’s – all 2019-20 courses with Mr. P. Lee (GEO12, PEPS12, LEAD10, SS10M, SS8M)

    (It is expected that formal timelines and information from the school/VSB will be provided in early APRIL, 2020, at which time a further update will be provided)

    • What will the “structure” of this online approach look like?
      • We will work our way as best we can through the remainder of our course outline
      • Use the teacher blog at for regular instructions/directions/due dates/timelines
      • Use the course MOODLE to upload/submit work
      • Use the course MOODLE for initial guidance to required reading resources, which can be further supplemented by your own research if you desire
      • Check your email on a regular basis (daily) for any urgent updates or information
      • IF ACCESS TO INTERNET IS AN ISSUE please contact me at to look into alternate arrangements
    • How will my marks be assessed?
      • Regular electronic communication will be considered much of your engagement criteria; assignments posted on the course MOODLE as well as Digital Portfolio will be of utmost importance
      • Your cumulative TERM II standing will carry over into TERM III culminating in a FINAL MARK; it is expected that the habits that we have worked on in this course regarding your personal time management, self-discipline and communication will provide a relatively seamless transition
        • It WILL NOT be negatively impacted if you
          • Maintain regular electronic communication/check-ins
          • Submit/upload the required work
        • It WILL be negatively impacted if you
          • Do not maintain regular electronic communication/check-ins
          • Do not submit/upload the required work
        • What if I need help in understanding?
          • Quickest way for school work help is my teacher email at
          • My “Office Hours” for teacher help: 8am – 4pm, generally Mondays through Fridays
            • Of course, most of the time I should be able to read your emails quite promptly, but my replies will most likely occur during “Office Hours” listed above
          • How will I know what is required?
            • Teacher Blog = instructions
            • Course Moodle = resources, assignments, places to submit work
          • Will attendance be taken?
            • At this point, formal attendance is undetermined; however our regular electronic communication/check-ins will be used by me to determine your continued engagement in this course; my expectations regarding how much time you spend on the work involved in the course will be dependent on the actual assignment itself, the due date, and your own personal time management
          • What if my work won’t upload?
            • Moodle has a 10MB limit, so if your file is larger than that you will need to upload/submit a link instead (ie. To YouTube); please ensure that any link includes the means for me to view your work (ie. if there is some form of password required)
            • Accepted formats for directly uploading files must be PDF, WordDoc, Powerpoint, or JPEG; if a slide format that you use cannot be uploaded, convert it to a PDF and then upload it

    This is an evolving and dynamic situation that we all find ourselves in; if there are further FAQ’s that arise, I will update this list as I am sure that there are areas that I have not thought of.  Please note that we all are trying to adapt in the best ways that we can, and I will provide flexibility within reason as long as there is COMMUNICATION occurring.  Also please note that your teachers will all have different approaches and that all have individual circumstances that will vary accordingly (ie. some will have family care issues, etc.) so the extension of flexibility needs to be mutual; the most important thing throughout all this is to maintain COMMUNICATION.

    Finally, above all else, please be safe and practice proper behaviours in this extraordinary situation that we all find ourselves in, and if you require help do not hesitate to reach out.

    Mr. P. Lee


    District News & Opportunities

    Sustainability Conference:

    The 2020 VSB Sustainability Conference (VSBSC) will be held on Friday, February 14 and the student organizing committee is looking for Youth Head Delegates from secondary schools across the District to help promote and facilitate the conference. The VSBSC is for secondary students in Metro Vancouver interested in learning about different aspects of sustainability through workshops, speakers, and group discussions. Through this, the VSBSC

    student organizers hope to promote youth leadership, community engagement, and learning about the environment.

    Teachers can share this opportunity with students who might be interested in participating.

    Students can apply to be a Youth Head Delegate until November 30, 2019 by filling out an application form:

    A Youth Head Delegate will be responsible for the following tasks:

    · Attending 2 MANDATORY information meetings prior to the Conference

    · Promoting the VSBSC at their school through social media posts, school announcements etc.

    · Displaying a VSBSC Information and sign-up board at their school

    · Contributing new ideas on how they will promote this year’s conference

    · Communicating their progress to the Public Outreach Coordinator

    Learn more about the conference on the webpage at or contact for additional information.

    CARTOGRAPHY and Video Games


    For Tuesday, November 12:

    • complete reading Ch.9 & 10 on Moodle
    • uploaded response to Wrongful Conviction OR Compassionate Homicide topics
    • discussion/debate

    Inspiration for IDS ideas

    A teenager won a $25,000 award for inventing a solution to eliminate blind spots for cars