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    July 10, 11

    Follow up on Elections and Federal Parties

    • PARAGRAPH RESPONSE: Which federal party would you generally align with? Explain why (Due July 10 on TEAMS)

    Canada’s Constitution & Charter of Rights & Freedoms

    • Using the links from Moodle “Canada’s Constitution” and “Guide to Canada’s Charter of Rights & Freedoms“,  answer the following:
      • What is the purpose of Canada’s Constitution?
      • What are the key parts of Canada’s Constitution?
      • In 1982, an important addition was made to Canada’s Constitution that details how changes can be made; what was the name of this important addition and what was the process it laid out in which changes could be made to the constitution?
      • In 1982, another important addition was the Charter of Rights & Freedoms: an important part of the Charter is the Notwithstanding Clause – what does this allow Provincial governments to do?
      • Summarize the following parts of the Charter in one or two sentences:
        • Guarantee of rights and freedoms – section 1
        • Fundamental freedoms – section 2
        • Democratic rights – sections 3 to 5
        • Mobility rights – section 6
        • Legal rights – sections 7 to 14
        • Equality rights – section 15
        • Official languages of Canada – sections 16 to 22
        • Minority language educational rights – section 23
    • Using links from Moodle “Meech Lake Accord” and “Charlottetown Accord“:
      • Which of Canada’s major federally recognized political party was created as a result of these attempts to amend Canada’s constitution?
      • Describe TWO main issues that remain unresolved as a result of the failure of both of these attempts to amend Canada’s constitution.
    • First Peoples Governance
      • Intro – videos from MOODLE:
        • Chanie Wenjack
        • Residential Schools
        • Doctrine of Discovery & Canada’s Indian Act
          • What are these two “laws”, and what has been their impact?
          • Using the resource links from MOODLE, answer the following 5 questions; upload your work to TEAMS
            • What are some examples of areas of life that Canada’s First Peoples may exercise self governance over?
            • In regards to control over activities of First Peoples communities, what does the Court require that the community/group must prove in order to be granted self governance over that activity?
            • What is the importance of Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982?
            • What is the importance of UNDRIP?
            • What are some issues/criticisms with how Canada is addressing First Peoples Governance?  Describe two.
    • Homework:
      • Assignment:  Answer one of the following questions and submit on TEAMS  (July 12) –
      • Complete reading by Tuesday July 11 –  Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12

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