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    Intro to Economics

    • Crash Course video
    • Follow up BLOG ENTRY: Examples of personal choice & economics (post by Thursday, Nov 25)

    Work on:

    • Assignment 8 GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN poster – now due (post by end of this week)
    • Assignment 9  Comparing Wage Initiatives
      • Step 1 – NOTES
        • Define the three measures
        • Find examples of each where they have been tried/used
        • Examine the results – pros/cons –> success/failure?
      • Step 2 – INFOGRAPHIC(s) – due week of Nov 29
        • Definition & Example of each
      • Step 3 – Round Table Discussion/Debate – Dec.6
    • Assignment X checklist for Thursday (Final submission end of December/early January)
      • What LOCATION will you choose?
        • current or wild card?  this will determine things such as resources, climate
      • What POLITICAL IDEOLOGY will you follow?
        • this will determine things such as rights and freedoms that you will value/protect
      • What ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY will you follow?
        • this will determine the TYPE of economy overall (command, market, mixed)

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