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    October 25-29

    • Complete viewing of RBG
      • Blog Post:  Biggest “P/I/Q” (important Point/Interesting moment/Question) moment from notes on video
      • Publish date:  October 26
    • Discrimination in Canada:  Canada’s Persons Case
      • CPAC Video (Moodle)
    • US vs Canadian Federalism continued
      • Electoral Process – Review of Canadian Process
      • US Elections
        • What is the Electoral Process and Why Does America Still Have it?
          • Infographic (Moodle) – How to Become President of the US
          • Video: The Electoral College Explained – VOX Video (Moodle)
          • CBSN Video & Article  (Moodle)
    • What is voter Suppression?
      • article on recently passed law in Georgia
      • history of voter suppression – video clip ABC news
    • Constitutional battle – Church vs State


    • ASSIGNMENT 7 – Comparing Canadian and American Federal Systems Due week of Nov.1
    • BLOG POST – RBG post raw notes + Biggest PIQ

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