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    Reminder to check your emails regularly (please make sure that the school has your correct email in the MyEd system) and to reply to teachers’ regular check-ins as soon as you can (reasonably this should be within a day or so of receiving the teacher communication) as this will be considered a way to gauge engagement/attendance.

    April 20 (today) is the target due date to have started your Observations/Records of these times in your Digital Portfolio.
    –  your Digital Portfolio link should be uploaded in TEAMS
    –  a separate section/page/tab should be visible in your Digital Portfolio dedicated to your Observations
    –  there should be at least one set of observations recorded
    –  this is an ongoing assignment where you should be making additions on a regular (ie. weekly, daily, every other day, etc.) basis – the frequency will vary depending on each individual but the expectation is that it is an ongoing and expanding set of your thoughts and observations during these times.

    NEXT “assignments” and “due date” (in addition to your ongoing work with your Digital Portfolios):

    PEPS12 – see the MOODLE “Economics” section Minimum Wage vs Living Wage vs Universal Basic Income for your assignment –  look at this assignment with special regards to what is happening currently.  The format of your work that you will submit is entirely up to you.

    GEO12 – create a REDESIGN of what you think a city (use Vancouver as your example if you prefer) will have to consider especially in terms of physical elements; this could include topics like size of walkways, design of buildings and amenities, schooling, transportation infrastructure, basic necessities and access, etc.  The format of your work is up to you (note form, slides, paragraphs, video, infographic, etc.)

    SS10M – create a Digital SCRAPBOOK (drawings, photos, writings, etc.) that shows a “Day in the Life” as a Canadian/Vancouverite that compares our current times with the times of a past global historical event of the 20th Century (WWI, Great Depression, WWII, Cold War, etc.); your format must include multi-modal (combination of visual and written) and be in the first-person narrative.  Final submission must be a digital file so that you can upload it (hard copies/drawings/writings can be scanned/photographed and then compiled digitally into one file).

    SS8M – create a digital comparison of an innovation or invention that you think will be adopted on a regular basis in our lives as a result of our current times with an innovation/invention of one of the past eras that we have studied in our course.   Your comparison should be in the same field ie. architecture, medicine, technology, transportation, etc.   Your submission should include the reasons why these innovations/inventions were/are necessary.

    LEAD10 – create a digital display of an example of a community venture that has helped others during these challenging times.  Your format  should be in note form and should include a visual component if possible, and can be an infographic, slideshow, etc. of your choice.

    DUE DATES for the above:  April 27 (soft deadline) to May 1

    SUBMISSIONS need to be in your Digital Portfolio and in TEAMS

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