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    Introduction to Philosophy:

    • four BIG IDEAS
      • Philosophy is a discipline that examines the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality,
        and existence.
      • Philosophy provides tools for investigating meaning and fostering understanding of different
        ways of thinking.
      • Examining questions in philosophy allows people to question their assumptions and better understand their own beliefs.
      • While philosophical questions often examine issues with no definitive
        answers, logic and reasoned arguments can show which answers have more or less value.
      • create a one-page representation of how you perceive YOUR Reality
        • what are your different roles
        • what are the activities/responsibilities that define those roles
        • what constraints or filters come with those roles
    • DUE DATES:
      • Definitions of 6 Major Areas of Philosophy – by Tuesday, Sept.10
      • Personal Reality Infographic – by Thursday, Sept.12
      • URL to Course Digital Portfolio – by Thursday, Sept.12
      • Identity (Essential vs Accidental) Assignment – Thursday, Sept.12
      • Identity Assignment – Non-Fungible Object – Thursday, Sept.12


    • Crash Course Video – “Batman & Identity”
    • Essential vs Accidental Properties Assignment
    • Persistent Identity, Fungibility and Value
      • besides exchanging money, what else might you consider fungible?
      • is there an object that you might consider non-fungible?


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