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    February 1

    Distribute text books Review Course Outline, Expectations, Course Organization Assessment: Core Competencies vs Curricular Competencies Homework vs Assignments/Formal Assessments Utilizing MOODLE, Teacher BLOG, TEAMS Set up GEO12 Digital Portfolio/Blog; post link on TEAMS *Ongoing until END of SEMESTER 2: Observations of the World Create a section in your Digital Portfolio for this Keep […]


    February 1

    Intro to the course

    Course Outline What is PEPS12/How the disciplines of PEPS are connected Digital Portfolio/Blog F.I.T. blocks Assessment & Core Competencies Due Dates

    Personal Realities (Assignment 1)

    What are the many different roles that make up our realities? Infographic


    meaning? Teachers as Avengers exercise CIVIL WAR


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    Feb 1

    Intro to course & Semester 2 Setting up MOODLE, TEAMS and Teacher Blog Communications – Emails Include as SUBJECT: SS8M Professional tone/etiquette Course Outline & Modifications Assessment – 4 point scale: Emerging/Developing/Proficient/Exceptional JO DI Mini School Experience and Expectations Digital Skills & Immersion Leadership Intro to GEO Unit Five Themes of GEOGRAPHY […]