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    May 21

    *Roman-Vikings Comparison now due 

    *Day in the Life – Then vs Now due week of May 24

    Share anachronisms

    The Middle Ages in Western Europe

    • Comprehension/Reading check

    The Renaissance

    • Assignment:  Innovations
    • BLOG ENTRY:  Describe what you consider to be one of the most important innovations of the Renaissance era, including its impact and longevity; what would you say is the most important innovation in your lifetime so far?  Post by Wednesday, May 26

    Homework Readings:

    • Read Chapter 7 Pathways (see MOODLE PDF) by Wednesday, May 26
    • Read Chapter 8 Pathways (see MOODLE PDF) by Friday, May 28
    • Review & Activity Sheets Optional (MOODLE PDFs)

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