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    GEO12 – Section 1.2

    Hello GEO12 –

    • VSB MOODLE issues have not been resolved yet, so students need to check that they are able to LOG IN to the VSB MOODLE only (you will not be able to actually go into the course yet, but just make sure you’re able to log in).
    • Today, MONDAY Sept 14, please pick up your text books
    • Start TODAY Monday Sept 14/DUE WEDNESDAY Sept 16:
      • Read course outline
      • Set up GEO12 Digital Portfolio/Blog; post link on TEAMS
      • Read FIVE THEMES of GEOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT 1 (student choice of working in groups of TWO or individually)
      • Research/View materials on FIVE THEMES of GEOGRAPHY (video on TEAMS plus own research for understanding)
      • Start working/gathering details for Assignment 1
    • DUE FRIDAY Sept 18
      • Read UNIT 1 in text book pp.1-14
      • Assessment/Discussion for Understanding from reading will take place Monday Sept 21
    • DUE MONDAY Sept 21
      • Assessment/Discussion for Understanding from UNIT 1 Text reading
      • Progress check on ASSIGNMENT 1
    • DUE THURSDAY Sept 24 (FINAL DEADLINE) – Assignment 1

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