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    Homework/Readings due Wednesday, September 14:

    • Read Chapter 1 PLANET EARTH

    1. What do you understand is meant by “geography?”

    2. What is the difference between physical and human geography?

    3. Why might it be important to study geography?

    4.  Which physical processes (e.g. volcanoes, glaciers, wind erosion) do you think have produced the landscapes around Vancouver?

    5.  Which are most important environmental issues for the world? for Canada? for Vancouver?

    6.  What place is important to you (other than your house)? Describe its location. What physical features help make it special?

    7.  What careers/professions utilize geography?  List as many as you can think of, including at least one “geography skill” taht is needed for each.

    8.  List at least one local (Vancouver or BC) example of each of the 4 systems presented in Chapter 1 of PLANET EARTH.

    9.  How would you describe the concept of “geologic time”, and why is it important for us to study/understand this concept?

    10.  What is the Gaia Hypothesis?

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