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    HISTORY 12

    Due Date //  Reading Item/ Activity

    March 9 Global Forces Chapter 4; Video: The Weimar Republic – Germany 1918-1933

    March 11 Focus Questions Set 1: “Failure of Democracy”, “Occupation of the Ruhr”

    March 30 Focus Questions Set 2: “Streseman”, Treaty of Rapallo, Booklet – Weimar Germany, Focus Questions Set 3: “Hitler’s Germany”, “Nazi Takeover”, Video: Hitler’s Germany (25 min)

    April 1 Focus Questions Set 4: “Hitler’s Henchmen”, “Night of the Long Knives”; Map History pp. 40 – 41, 56 – 57; “Organization and Program of the Nazi Party”, “Hitler’s Concordat with the Pope”; Video: Life Under Adolf Hitler (20 min)

    April 5 Spanish Civil War (Global Forces) p. 61-64; Video: “Appeasement”; Review

    April 7 Review

    April 11 Test – Germany 1919 –> WWII

    April 13 Parallel Assignment/Project Due

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