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    Sept 6-8

    Intro to the course

    • Course Outline
    • What is PEPS12/How the disciplines of PEPS are connected
    • Digital Portfolio/Blog
    • F.I.T. blocks
    • Assessment & Core Competencies
    • Due Dates

    Personal Realities (Assignment 1)

    • What are the many different roles that make up our own personal realities?
    • Infographic

    Intro Discussion: “ART IMITATES LIFE”


    • 6 Major areas (Define each for homework in your BLOG/include sources – due week of Sept 11)
    • General Background – The Philosophes


    • Set up access to MOODLE (due next period)
      • go to
      • choose “log in” LINK
      • do NOT choose “Log In” BUTTON – choose “VSB OpenID Connect”
      • follow instructions to sign in/create account
        • must use VSB email
        • check VSB email for activation
      • once you have activated account let me know via email at; there is no self-enrolment option anymore
    • Create your course Digital Portfolio/Blog (submit link on TEAMS by end of week 1)
      • suggested:
        • wordpress
        • weebly
        • wix
      • choose FREE options
    • Teachers as Avengers Infographic ideas (due by Sept 8) Practice assessment
    • Definitions of 6 major areas (Blog Post due by week of Sept 11 – ready to discuss by Monday Sept 11)/ in your DP/BLOG by Sept 13 or as soon as DP/BLOG is set up)


    • Assignment 1 – Sept 8: Create an Infographic

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