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    March 29

    • Segue into Political Studies – DISCUSS material on Rosemary Brown (see Moodle or here at this link) in Thursday’s class; BLOG POST:
      • how did her reality differ from others?  how did her reality motivate her?
      • what is “activism”?  are there acceptable/unacceptable forms?
      • how does her story reflect the greater society’s values?
    • Review Ideologies
      • What is an ideology?
      • What are the 5 major POLITICAL ideologies and their characteristics? (Include notes in BLOG post by this Friday)
      • Video Clip – “Ideologies”


    • In your notes (post to BLOG), brainstorm/list examples of countries (at least one each) of the 5 major political ideologies, including details/thoughts on how well they fit the criteria covered in class; be prepared to show work/discuss/share.  Due for discussion Thursday March 30.
    • Rosemary Brown 3 discussion points and BLOG POST. Due for discussion Thursday Mar 30.

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