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    Feb 8:

    • Meeting 5 PHILOSOPHES
      • Hobbes
      • Locke
      • Montesquieu
      • Voltaire
      • Rousseau
      • Choose one key idea/quote and comment in a blog post #2  your thoughts on that idea/quote. Post/share by Feb 9
    • Troubleshooting/Work on:
      • Digital Portfolio/Blog
      • Assignment 1 – Personal Realities Infographic
      • Viewing: MCU Captain America – Civil War
      • CIVIL WAR – BLOG POST 3 (PDF of Graphic Novel can be accessed on MOODLE or in TEAMS “Files”)
        • Can CIVIL WAR be interpreted as Hobbes vs. Locke? Explain why or why not?
        • Which Avengers heroes fall on which side of “the law”?
        • (Optional) If you viewed both the PDFs and the movie, how do they differ? Why would they be different?
      • Blog Post due date: week of Monday Feb 13

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