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    HISTORY 12

    May 31, June 2, June 4 (Off-week sessions)

    Assignment 3 – Ethical Dimensions:  WWII

    • Discussion of current events:  Canada’s Genocide
    • Finish viewing “Savage Christmas”
      • Canadian POWs in Japan
      • Geneva Convention
    • Trinity Project
      • “Little Boy & Fat Man” vs “Island Hopping – justified usage?


    • Before Wednesday, June 2:
      • “The Brutal History of Japan’s Comfort Women” PDF (Teams or Moodle)
      • “Teaching About The Comfort Women…” PDF (Teams or Moodle)
      • “Japanese Revisionists Deny WWII Sex Slave Atrocities” link (Moodle)
      • “Life As A Comfort Woman-Story of Kim Bok-Dong” link to video (Moodle)
    • Assignment 3 – Ethical Dimensions: WWII Due Date extended to June 7
    • Before Friday, June 4:
      • “War of the Worlds” PDF (Teams or Moodle)

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