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    I hope this finds everyone as well as can be under these unprecedented circumstances.

    There is no doubt that we are all witnessing historic events unfold before us, so the number one priority is the health and well-being of you and those around you.

    With that in mind, this is also an opportune time to be an active witness to what is happening around us, so if you are able to, record your thoughts, observations and questions about what is going on as we navigate through this.  There are many profound opportunities for us to leave an impact in the midst of so much uncertainty through our observations and records.  Below are just some suggested ways to help organize your thoughts according to our course subject areas, but by no means are they meant to confine, constrict or limit (ANY thoughts/questions are encouraged!) – you may organize your thoughts however you wish (a suggested way would be to categorize according to “Observations”, “Questions”, “Ideas”, etc.)!  At some point these thoughts should be uploaded to your course portfolios, but for now just simply record your thoughts as they may occur.  Try to cite the sources of your examples as not all your examples might be universally known.

    LEAD10 – how have various figures shown effective leadership during this time?  Examples could range from a personal level to local community example to government leaders (Theresa Tam, Bonnie Henry, Chrystia Freeland, Adrian Dix, etc.)

    PEPS12 – what have been some economic concerns (individually, locally, nationally)?  Issues?  Possible solutions?  how have different political systems around the world reacted to the crisis situation?  what role does the dissemination of information play, and are there pros and cons?

    GEO12 – what factors (physical geography, human geography) have contributed to the spread?  what factors have mitigated?  what factors have worsened?  How has the physical earth been affected?  how has the movement of people, goods, ideas been affected?  What other natural disasters/events have occurred?  What are the problems with food security, and what are some possible solutions (now?  future?)

    SS10M –  how has Canada responded via the different levels of government?  what regional (provincial/territorial) differences have you noticed?  what are advantages/disadvantages?

    SS8M – how have recent events made us re-think how we do things?  What possibilities might emerge?

    Further updates and information will be provided; the school will be issuing formal communications via your emails so check your emails regularly; if you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

    Stay well,


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