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   Nov 30

ENGLISH 9 – 1.3

HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday

    1. Adjective clauses will use “that, which, who, whom, whose”. Find one of those 5 words, box it, and you know it’s an ADJ clause. 
    2. Adverb clauses will use one of the other words on your CX cheat sheet (because, since, before, although, etc.)
    3. Watch the video for extra help – Adjective & Adverb Clauses explained
    4. ADJ & ADV clauses Quick Quiz! Try it!
  2. Notebook: Jrnl #4 – Should students should be rewarded for effort?
    1. p. 35 – read & highlight Conclusions pages
    2. p. 36-37 – Jrnl #4 – 2nd Draft -Double  spaced
      1. Take your HIT intro from p. 30 &
      2. Your peer edited 1st draft from p. 27-28 and
      3. The conclusion info from p. 35 and
      4. Revise and write a better 2nd draft

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