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   Feb 06

News Flash!

Because good English students are also good students of life – well aware, critical thinking, well-rounded, informed – I will be posting news articles that I think are interesting.  Some will connect to topics we’re studying in class, while others will just be interesting.  If you have any articles or links that you think I should share, please feel free to email them to me.  Please ensure they are appropriate for school, students, and my blog. 🙂

Hassan Minhaj’s take on the Muslim Ban

SNL Satire of Sean Spicer

Charter of Values — > Charter of Values Statistics/Polls  —> Charter of Rights & the Niqab

Rwanda & Reconciliation  —> R. Dallaire & PTSD Interview

KKK Flyers —> Racist Flyers in Richmond —> Mosque Shooting Quebec City —> Fox “Fake” News —> Kellie Leitch Protesters —> S. Asians long time work against discrimination

Bowling Green Massacre – Fake News  —>Fake News & Fake Vigils

8 Richest People in the World

Addicted to your Device?